These are the poems I have written during the most difficult time in my life when all things seemed to be in chaos... After reading this now, I noticed that God has answered me and encouraged me just by writing these.... These are not just poems.. READ ON!!!

NOTE: If you want to share or copy the following poems, just contact me or link back and give credit for copyright purposes. God bless!




Tried to hide myself in the shadows

Still Your light illuminates through my window

Soothingly passing through

Like a lamppost’s light on the avenue.

Ensuring, securing it was lock

Thought I can shut You out

But Your voice came to my ear

Calling me on in a whisper

Yet loud enough and clear.

Even though I know You can easily break in

Patiently You’ve waited outside my door

Standing and never leaving

Knowing that inside, my world is crumbling.

The darkness is enfolding

And I’m seeing these monsters once again

Who used to tell me they were my friends

But they’ve only hurt me

And say I was to blame.

It was the thought of You there

That woke me from those nightmares.

And it was Your presence which drives away my fear

Like the sun

You chased the night away

Bringing life and hope with the morning day by day.

Surely I can never escape You

Your love, Your grace.

Welcomed by an embrace

I know I’m in the safest place

When You’re here with me

No more locked doors

No more cold walls

Only You, Only You.

About this poem:

God is a loving Father. When His children sinned against Him or are hurting, they have the tendency to hide away from God. Maybe they just want to be alone or are afraid to face Him or maybe they just want all the hurt or pain to themselves. Unwilling to be comforted not even by God.

In times that we, His children, keep ourselves from God, we build a cage for ourselves. In that dark room, loneliness, pain, and the likes will come crushing in, like a flood in a flash.

But because God loves His children so much, He always tries to find a way to get through us, even by doing little things which we often find unnoticeable.

I wrote this poem two months ago, i think...
Posted on May 8, 2010 at 6:50 AM 

A Resolve

I was walking like a blind man
Without seeing I could not tell which way to run.
I swayed, swirled and turned.
It must be the darkest of all my darkest night.

I stumbled on a rock.
Face crashed hard on the hard ground.
I thought I could never go down much deeper
But the rain started to pour.

I began to panic.
I should stand and run
Before the flood could reach me
And then I fell again.

Droplets other than rain fell from my eyes
Feeling sorry at my present state
I pity myself.
I stink and am hurting so bad.

I feel like an old dog.
Barely moving and barely breathing.
I’m so tired and cold.

Heaviness fell on me.
It’s sipping my energy
And even hope has left me.
Or so I thought.

Could it be the rain that soaked my dress?
Or the mud all over my face?
But i think its from within
Deep in my heart that has been tormented

I tried to look at my hands and feet but see nothing
All i know is I'm sore and bruise from all the running and falling.
Wait a minute I think I saw something

I started on my feet and slowly
so slowly i move towards it.
Did it just appear right now?
Or had it been always there only i didn't notice?
I realized it was the latter.

As i come nearer the murkiness began to vanish.
The muddy floor became dry
the dress I'm wearing is anew
the dirt all over me is gone
and my color has returned
I am alive again
Warm and clean.

There is no sign of darkness now
Shadows are not lurking anywhere
The surrounding has the color of a rainbow
No sign of rain except for the glistening crystal dew.

But the pain and bruise remain
And i wonder how to be rid of them
Then the source of the light came
He touched my hand while saying
"By my wounds you are healed."
And healed I am indeed.

I only feel bad for one thing.
He choose not to erase them.
My scars will remind me of what I've done
and that i should learn from them.

Later i realized, scars don't look bad at all.
  When I got them from a war i have bravely won.
Just like those scars He got from the crown of thorns
And those in His spear-pierced side and nail-pierced hands
O How lovely they are to behold
Cause forever they tell me about His love precious than gold.

So I made a resolve.
That i will have as many scars as i can have
Not from my groping in the dark without direction
Nor from anymore shameful fall
But from so many triumphant battle.
So that when the day finally comes
When I'll be able to face Him
He will give me a crown and say those two words i aim to hear
One word is "WELL" and the other is "DONE".


I love to be alone
Like this right now.
In a dark room
I lay myself down
Where i can see nothing
that could steal my attention.

In the silence i long to hear
Your Sweet still voice
calling my name.
Hoping You'll say it again and again
"I love you still, nothing has change."

But I've hurt You countless times before
And still You welcome me Lord.
Oh, if only then i have known
That it is You
I need all along.

My world was dark
When You are not around
I keep on falling to the ground
But now that I am found
My chains are finally gone.


I'm so sick of this world
That it made me want to vomit.
So tired of a life miserable
That I'm tempted to take it.
But this is wrong thinking
Though my problems are overwhelming
I should keep on moving.
'Cause there is more to this life
There is Hope
I know for sure.
My world may seems flooded as of the moment
But soon the rain will stop falling
And in the midst of these mess i will be standing
With my eyes fixed to You, my God my Saviour
And i will remember right then and there
that You're a God who never abandon


Can you feel the wind touching your hair and skin?
That's my way of saying "I am here"
Like the wind, you could not see me but i am always here.
I could give you a hard blow for not noticing me
but i chose to be gentle because I love you.

Can you feel the rain falling on your face?
That's my way of saying, "Hey! I'm up here!"
But you never look my way.
Instead, I saw disgust on your face
as you ran away.

As you sit there by your window,
Cant you hear the thunder?
I'm shouting out "I love you. Stop ignoring me."
But you are unwilling to hear.

I could lash you with lightning
But i will not deliver my wrath.
Though many times you have insulted me
For the sake of my Name, I will not.

Now the sky is clear
For the storm had passed
I see you looking at the heavens.
Can you see Me now?
IF only you could see past the stars.

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