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You know, I've always wanted to have a friend who shares same interest with mine. Someone who loves to read the books I love to read. Someone who loves to draw better than I so I can learn a lot from him and maybe he can learn something, even a little, from an amateur like me. Then we will watch anime together 24/7, laugh together, and cry together. We will stroll, look up at the full moon, gaze at the stars, catch a falling star, watch the sun rises and sets, point our fingers on a rainbow without caring if our fingers will disappear with it (this is an old saying by old people by the way), sing in the rain, dance with the fireflies, play with fire (no other meaning, take it literally), run with the wind, swim against the current (actually, I cant swim. He'll have to teach me), plant a flower, watch it grows and blooms, eat ice cream (About food, I don't think I want to share it with anyone. Eww! What a selfish glutton am I! hehehe Ube Ice Cream! Gimme ube ice cream! *drool*) and the list goes on and on.

When I was younger (a child), I often play alone. My sisters and brother were already in school. Since I was too young for school (I'm actually the youngest in the family), I'm left at home. Sometimes, I went to my grandma's house to play with my cousin who happens to be a boy. I also stalked my brother (he's 10 years older and the eldest) wherever he went then later got annoyed and told me I'm like a puppy tailing behind him. (Ouch! That hurt me that I stopped doing it). But what I've always wanted to do is play with my sisters butut they're so busy and serious with their studies and with the house chores and when they have time to play, they seldom let me play with them.

I was in already in high school when my brother then my sisters went to college and I'm left alone again with my parents. I do have plenty of so-called friends but none really know the real me. They're busy talking about their crushes. Hehehe

Then came college, I went to the same university where all my siblings studied. The busier they were they have less time for me. In one of my outburst I told my sister, *drama atmosphere* "You have no time for me. I actually went to this school even though I'm a scholar in another university because you're here but it seems you're not even here at all." *ends drama atmosphere*

Yes, I do have friends in college. Close friends. Some even likes anime and appreciates my drawings and do the things I love. I thought that if I could find that friend who shares the same interest with mine, I would be contented. But I was mistaken. Something's still missing.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to him. His name is Jireh. Strange name but it sounds cute. I found out he'd known me for way back then, since I was young, and had always wanted to be my friend but I was too busy feeling all alone. Looking back, I realized that indeed he tried to catch my attention but I was so wrapped up in my world of solitude that I did not notice him. Eventually, we became friends and I'm so glad I finally meet him because he's the best of friend I'd ever had. He showed me his craft. Oh! He's really good! What amazing talents he has. He's good at everything. Drawing, sculpture, music and even in dancing. And we did everything I wrote on that list. It's a whole lot different experience dancing under the stars with him than dancing alone. It's really fun that I laughed my heart out. I really love it when he smiles.

Well, we do have some quarrels but all of them were my fault. But he understand still. Sometimes he would give me time to be alone again to think things over. Sometimes it was me who left and avoided him and return to my world of solitude. But when my world gets darker and I can no longer take it, he would come *popped out somewhere* and rescue me. Telling me, "I am always here for you."

What a great friend he is!

I know I fail as a perfect friend. I wont even pass as a good friend. But he said it doesnt matter. He would still be the best friend i could ever have. The Greates Artist and Sculpture. The Greates Musician. The Lord of the Dance. Author of Life. Alpha nad Omega. Lion and the Lamb. Redeemer. Saviour and Friend. Father. Prince of Peace. Counselor. The Greates Lover. Jesus Christ.

Originally posted year 2004


  1. Hey! I know Jireh too! Best friend I've ever been introduced too :) Nice post

  2. @Eileen: Glad to know that! Jireh is the best, right? He's always there for us...


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