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"Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires." Song of Songs 2:7


I'm tired explaining to people why I'm still single until now. They keep wondering why I never had a boyfriend, not even once. They always respond in astonishment as if it was a big deal.

They say, "Get a boyfriend. You're not getting any younger." Then they would try to pair me up with someone they think who would be suitable for me. Maybe the world thinks I'm weird because I'm not following the norm. But I don't take it as an insult but as a flattery. I'm glad I'm making a difference in this sinful world.

It's all because of my conviction and my faith. I have a different view with regarding to such thing and the world's view contradicts how I see it. I am following God's standard and not the world's crooked standard. The world is marketing such thing and I won't buy it!

Before I came to the Lord, I think and act like any other worldly people. But I'm a different person now.
At 23, I think I'm still not ready to share my time and my life with someone. And I am thankful that I am contented being single. I'm not like most women/men who feel incomplete without a boy/girlfriend. I still don't see myself being with someone in the future. I'm not closing my door, but as for now, I'll just let my heart sleep. If there is someone God has created for me then I'll wait.Maybe my prince is still asleep. When he'll be awaken, that's the only time my heart will start beating for him.

I liken our hearts with a clay pot. If you will take it from the oven half-baked, eventually it will break. That's why many end up hurting because of their impatience. Do pots cook at the same temperature and time? Maybe some hearts are ready when they are 16. I guess mine baked too long.

In every man's heart, God place a void that only He can fill. That place is rightfully His but many people try to fill that hollow in their hearts through relationships, wealth and achievements and that's why divorce has become an epidemic because people thought that marriage can make them whole. Many thought that their partner(boyfriend/girlfriend) or spouse could make them complete. They thought wrong.Not even having kids, though they are gifts from God in a marriage, could make them whole. Only God can if only we allow Him. We've been looking in the WRONG places. True love and happiness can only be found in God's embrace.

That's why I am single until now. I don't have to be in a relationship with the opposite sex in order to be complete. GOD completes me and I am contented. I am happy being single. I want to focus first with my relationship with the Lover of my soul. He is the One who first fell in love with me even before I knew Him. He loves me when I was only an idea. He loves me as He weaved me in my mother's womb. And He loves me still as I learned to walk and became rebellious during my teens. Doesn't He deserve to be my priority, to be my First Love? That's the very purpose why He created us, to be the object of His love. I was blind. I used to find joy through other things. I never knew that it was always there, the source of real Joy, waiting to be noticed. Now I finally see. Praise God for that.

Bout my prince,he hasn't come yet. Maybe I'm not yet ready for such relationship. God has still much molding to do with me and my character so that I will be the nicest gift my prince could receive. I imagine him having the same reaction when Adam first saw Eve. There was a twinkle in his eyes, a blush on his cheeks and a smile on his lips. It makes me giggle just by thinking about it.

If I was not born to be single (this is called single blessedness), if God really created someone for me, then I'll wait for him. I hope he is also waiting for me. I pray for him that he will also be ready when I'm ready.


It was weeks before their wedding but the bride-to be was sadden thinking of what would happen. She dreaded this day.

I need to tell him. I need to tell him though I know it would hurt me so much if he would turn his back on me. If I won't tell him now, I would be unfair to him and our marriage would be a nightmare. She prays.
As she walks towards him, she prays. When he saw her, a smile escaped his lips.
She will be my wife soon. I want to drag the days. I love her so much and I can't seem to wait to spend the rest of my life with her. He senses that she is tensed and she looked pale.

"I have something to tell you."

Tears fell from his eyes as he listened to her. He felt as if something stabbed him in his chest. No, this can't be true. How could this be happening? I have waited for her; have kept myself only for her. I did nothing but serve God. Almost all my life I am involved in the ministry. I don't think I deserve this. But that is her past. Can't I accept...? She's... I love.... He came back from his contemplation when he heard her asked.

"Did you pray for me? Did you pray about me?" said the girl as the tears kept falling from her eyes.


I overheard this story when my classmate (Born Again Christian) in college told her close friends about a story she had read in a book. We were waiting for our next class so I sat near the step in the stair where they were talking. She said, in the book she read, there was a true story about a boy and a girl. The boy/man is a Christian since he was a kid while the girl only came to Christ years ago. The girl fellowship in the church where the boy also fellowship with and that's how they met, became friends and became lovers. Before the wedding, the girl told her fianceé that she is no longer pure. She is virgin no more. She lost her virginity before she accepted Christ in her life. She was not a Christian back then when it happened.

If the book my classmate read was Boy meets Girl, then the boy is Joshua and the girl is Shanon. Their story is similar with the story my classmate and friend told us. I have this book Boy meets Girl, Joshua and Shanon married. Joshua accepted Shanon and her past.

(I don't remember the exact story now or what book she read so I composed the story and dialogue above but the thought in itself is still there.)

Why did I include the story here? It is because of what the girl asked her fiancé.

"Did you pray for me?"


Girls and boys, we must pray for our future spouse even if we haven't met them yet. We must pray that they would come to Christ and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour so they will also be saved. We must pray for their protection, about their family, and that they should have the right friends and not those who pull them down.Prayer works! Even if we haven't seen their faces or know them yet, we must pray for them. This is called the sabotage prayer. It means nothing bad still happens but you know that the Enemy is always scheming so you sabotage him as early as possible.

When God created us, He already has in mind who will be our parents and husband/wife. Everything is planned. God has planned for the best of us but because of our selfish will, we end up getting if not the better but the worst in our lives. His perfect plan for us could only happen if we follow His blueprint.

If we won?t pray for them, we might wait for our prince/princess until age 60 or worst; we end up waiting for nothing. If we won?t pray for them while waiting, they might encounter an accident and lost part of their body or even their lives. And when you question God, ?Where is my prince? I've been waiting for him but I'm already old now.? God will answer you, ?I have created someone for you but he has come back to me before you met. He died in the accident when you were 23.?

If we won?t pray for them, they might be in bad company that they became drug addicts, sluts, and drunkards, was put to jail, have broken family and have broken lives. If this is what happens to our prince/princess, what would be left of them to give and share with us when we finally met them? Only a broken heart and a broken life.

Girls, if we won't pray for our prince, they might get lost in the forest and end up marrying the witch or the wrong princess in the wrong castle. And boys, if you wont pray for the girl (princess) God has created for you, she might met a fraud prince(frog) on a white fly and marries him instead of marrying you- her real prince in a white horse.

If we won?t pray for them, he/she could beheading in the opposite and wrong direction and unless he turns 180 degrees,our roads would never meet. But when he finds the right path he will catch up with you and you both hand in hand now walk in the same road, the narrow road,towards the Light of Christ.


Your sister through the Blood of Christ,

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