Tuesday, March 15, 2011


"I hate it when I see people still laughing and doesn't care with what's happening to our world. My relatives just died. There were a lot of people who died in the New Zealand quake and a lot more than a lot of people in Japanese died at the quake and tsunami (and a lot are still suffering) Don't you have HEARTS?! why do you act as if you don't care??? ugh. U happy? why can you still smile???"

That was what my friend felt and posted it on her Facebook status.  She is a Christian and was just being honest of what she felt  as of that moment. She lost three relatives in a fire accident in Japan due to the earthquake and tsunami. She felt bad that many people can still smile and even mock Japan, saying that Japan deserve what happened to them - a consequence for bombing Pearl Harbor.

It must be very hard for her. 

The following is my response to her post:

"Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?" Job 2:10... Hope we can be like Job who fell in worship inspite of all his loss. May this disaster lead us to draw near to GOD instead of becoming bitter. It is never God's will for us to suffer. If there is someone who is hurt most, it is God.

Yet, there are still many reasons to be happy and smile. There are still many things we have to thank God for, like His extraordinary protection for our country (Philippines).

When I heard about the news last friday, I really felt bad. I even cried watching the news. I saw the cars, houses, etc. being washed out by water as if they were just grains of sand. Our pastor and his family lives in Japan now. So when we heard about the news, we, in our church, prayed and kept on declaring they are safe, including the neighborhood they are in simply because they, God's children, are there.  

We are so thankful they are safe. God has still a great plan for them especially to Pastor Bustillo. God called him and enlarge his territory, to win souls for God not only here in our town but even in Japan and until he accomplish that, he and his household will b safe. 

I feel sorry for your loss. I don't know God's reason why they are taken away soon and in this manner but He knows best. Let us just continue to pray for those who are affected; to those who lost their family and homes and let us be an agent of healing, of encouragement instead of pouring salt unto open wounds. 

Never mind the people who laugh at Japan... They will surely reap what they sow. Remember Proverbs 24:17? God bless you!"

Let's continue to pray for Japan and the people in there who are continually being threatened by aftershocks and the explosion of the nuclear plant and exposure to radioactive materials!

This is not the time to blame and point fingers on somebody. It is a time to bend on our knees. Let's pray! God is merciful!

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  1. Hey Rizeru! I am also still trying to figure out why your new address won't link up to your blog that I am following. I have manually put in your new address to my "new blogs to follow" thing and it still won't register :( the two won't see to connect, and it is still pulling up your old address which is disconnected.
    This really bites because I absolutely love your blog and always look forward to your new encouraging words of Christ! I hope we can get this figured out soon...


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