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The Holy Spirit spoke in my heart that I will lead this year's anniversary. For some, they would call it a "hunch" or merely a gut feeling but I believe it was the Lord who told me. 

I really desired to worship lead on that day but I never asked or prayed to God to give me the privilege to serve Him through worship leading on that day because I don't think I am ready for a higher task yet. I'm still a new worship leader. It was still one year since the day I stood in the front to lead. I have so many apprehensions. "I'm not deserving Lord." "Lord, this is already a big task You are giving me. I don't think I can stand there in front of so many people. I'm scared." I mean, that day is different. It's a big day and surely many people will come--including pre/unbelievers we are inviting. 

It was still April when I heard our Chairman in the Music Team and our youth pastor talking. And they're talking about the Praise and Worship. Our chairman just said "Hey pastor, you'll play the guitar for Rizeru." And the pastor said, "NO! My hands will 'nosebleed' with her songs."  ^___^ It was not official yet. 

The following week, I continue to pray that God will prepare me for that day; that my heart and not just my voice is in tune. I want to glorify and magnify Him. I want myself and the people to worship God in spirit and in truth. I want the people to hear not just my voice but God's response -in a gentle voice and lovingly whisper -to their hearts as they worship Him. 

Because it was not official, I told our chairman that he should lead that day since he is more anointed than I. And then he said, "I already told father that he will lead the worship and he agreed." When I heard that, I felt disappointed and yet relieved. ^____^ Relieve because I'll still be one of back up singers but the great responsibility has been lifted on my shoulders. 

The next Sunday, our chairman's father declined and told us (music team) that he was already assigned in another task. He said, "It is now your time, you younger ones, to lead. I have other task to do." We worship leaders looked at each other. We kept on saying and pushing the task on each other. 

"Lord, what's this? But no, Lord, I will wait. I want but I also don't want to." I said to my self. 

That afternoon, the guitarist in the daughter church went to the main church to watch the tambourine dance practice. And she told me, "It is you Ate Rizeru. You should be the worship leader on that day. Include 'Your Love Is Beautiful' in your line up." I just smiled and said, "It should be Chairman. Because he is the chairman." That night, one of my church mate called me. We talked and then she gave the phone to Chairman. John told me on the phone that I should be the one to lead. He said he is not comfortable to lead without playing guitar at the same time. So I responded, "Then, lead while playing guitar." But he said no. So I told him, "Please wait until Wednesday for my answer. I still need to pray for this."

I cried to the Lord that night. In my heart, I already have the answer.

Monday afternoon, we (me and my 3 other girl church mates) went to the beach. It was our first prayer session in that area. One of the girls called for it. She said, "We need to pray." So, off we go and prayed. I also asked them to pray for me. I did not told them that I already have made a decision on the matter. They said, "No problem! We will support you Ate!" And so we prayed for the anniversary, our leaders, the Word, and for everyone who will stand in the front on that day. 

When I came home, I sent them a message through their cellphones and told them about my answer. The Pastor's daughter replied, "Hehehehe! Tell Chairman. He might be very thin now since he said he will really pray and fast that YOU WILL LISTEN to God's voice." 

He knows that if I decline, he will have no choice but to take the responsibility because he is the chairman of the Music Team. I know he's also struggling. 

But I decided to prolong his agony. ^___^ 

Tuesday morning, I finally sent a message to John and he was very happy for my response. That was April 27, 2011.

From that day until May 5, I spent time praying for the songs for the Line up.  I really don't know what songs to sing. So I asked people and at the same time asked God to tell me what songs will He use to usher His people into worship. I end up having two line up. One is in our own dialect: Visaya/Cebuano and the other is in English. 

Before going to our first practice, I prayed to God: "Lord, I will show the English line up to the chairman. If John will say no to the songs and say I should choose Visayan songs, then it means I will sing the Visayan line up I prepared."  When I showed it to him, he just said to rearrange the songs but he did not oppose that the songs are English.


These are the songs in the line up:
  • Praise Him in the Sanctuary (Let Everything that has Breath)
  • Your Love is Beautiful
  • Shout of the King
  • Now That You're Near
  • With All I Am
  • At The Cross
  • Amazing Love
  • Through It All
  • How Great Is Our God

Friday, May 6, 2011, was our first practice. May 7th was the second, and May 8th was our third. Our last final practice will be this Saturday May 14, 2011, the day before the Anniversary.

Please do pray for me, for the songs to usher people to worship God, the instrumentalist, the back-ups, the speaker who will bring God's Word, for everyone who will stand in front, those assigned in the Tithes and Offerings, those who will dance, and for the anniversary. That God will really be glorified and exalted on that day. 

Apart from God we can really do nothing!

It's all for God and not for men!

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